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It’s the year of the return of the pitcher; Stephen Strasburg becomes a midsummer sensation; and the San Francisco Giants finally win it all. These are just a few of the action items that we commented on throughout the 2010 baseball year. Do note that these archival pages are shown in the "old" TGG design format; as a result, some links may no longer be active.

December 28, 2009-January 3, 2010
Who will make—and not make—the Hall of Fame in 2010; Jason Bay signs with the Mets.

January 4-10, 2010
The Hall of Fame vote, in review; The Pirates hire a "mental-conditioning coordinator" (read: shrink); A 'true' World Series between the champions of America and Japan?

January 11-17, 2010
Mark McGwire confesses, finally; MLB and the players union order the Marlins to start spending; Jose Offerman loses it—again.

January 18-24, 2010
Grand Desme, top Oakland propsect: I'll take God before baseball; The passing of Bobby Bragan; Adam LaRoche takes stats (Arizona) over money (San Francisco).

January 25-31, 2010
Ernie Banks urges Sammy Sosa to confess on steroids; Orlando wants a major league team; Did Mike Bacsik intentionally serve up Barry Bonds' record-breaking home run?

February 1-7, 2010
Jon Miller gets voted into Cooperstown; Will Mario Lemieux buy the Pirates?

February 8-14, 2010
The retirements of Frank Thomas and Tom Glavine; Bud Selig to be bronzed in Milwaukee; Omar Vizquel pays tribute to Luis Aparicio.

February 15-21, 2010
Yankee wife-swapping—the movie; R.I.P., Jim Bibby.

February 22-28, 2010
The war of words between Mark and Jay McGwire; A true Fenway Park South?; Jason Heyward makes himself known at spring training—and the parking lot surrounding it.

March 1-7, 2010
The Giants get their revenge on Prince Fielder (sort of); Loek Van Mil, baseball's first seven-footer; the end of the road for the Mark McGwire Highway.

March 8-14, 2010
Will MLB establish "floating" divisions?; Stephen Strasburg and Aroldis Chapman heat up spring training; The passing of Willie Davis.

March 15-21, 2010
Ron Washington confesses to cocaine use in 2009; Are the best of the 2009 late-season call-ups ready for 2010?; Ozzie Guillen goes all a-Twitter over his son Oney.

March 22-28, 2010
Who's ready—and who's not—for 2010; The end of spring training in Tucson; The latest addition to Dwight Gooden's rap sheet.

March 29-April 11, 2010
Is Alex Rodriguez on the up-and-up in regards to Anthony Galea?; Who threw out the ceremonial first pitch at major league openers?; Umpire Joe West criticizes the Red Sox and Yankees for going too long; The 18-year old Japanese knuckleballer is a woman.

April 12-18, 2010
Ubaldo Jimenez's no-hitter; The opening of Minneapolis' Target Field; Is Peter Angelos turning his back on Cal Ripken Jr.?

April 19-25, 2010
Edinson Volquez's big-deal steroid suspension (during Tommy John rehab); Alex Rodriguez ticks off Dallas Braden.

April 26-May 2, 2010
Ten unexpectedly sharp pitchers in April; Matt Kemp enters Ned Colletti's doghouse; Has Trevor Hoffman run out of gas?

May 3-9, 2010
Dallas Braden's Mother's Day perfect game; A 17-year-old fan gets tased in Philadelphia; The passing of Robin Roberts and Ernie Harwell; Milton Bradley's soft side.

May 10-16, 2010
Are the Phillies using bullpen binoculars to cheat?; Naptime with Ken Griffey Jr.; Trey Hillman's bittersweet finale in Kansas City.

May 17-23, 2010
The death of Jose Lima; Hanley Ramirez dogs it in Florida; Roy Oswalt wants out of Houston.

May 24-30, 2010
Roy Halladay's perfect game; The season's biggest overachievers and underachievers to date; Kendry Morales breaks a leg during a home run celebration.

May 31-June 6, 2010
Jim Joyce blows Armando Galarraga's perfect game; The retirement of Ken Griffey Jr.; Why is offense down in 2010?

June 7-13, 2010
Stephen Strasburg's debut, and the rest of the terrific 2010 rookie class; Bad times in Chicago; The Dodgers and the energy healer; Pete Rose's corked bats.

June 14-20, 2010
Manny Ramirez returns to Boston; Vuvuzelas in Miami; Lady Gaga tries (and fails) to get noticed in the Yankee clubhouse.

June 21-27, 2010
Edwin Jackson's eight-walk no-hitter; The AL dominates interleague play again; The Phillies hit the road—in Philadelphia; Carlos Zambrano's latest dugout meltdown.

June 28-July 4, 2010
The ten best hitting seasons by a pitcher; The Amazing Kreskin wants to help the Pirates; Does anyone want to play in the Home Run Derby?

July 5-11, 2010
Are the Rockies cheating with the humidor?; If TGG picked the 2010 All-Stars; The fan who fell to Earth in Arlington; Moneyball begins shooting.

July 12-18, 2010
The death of George Steinbrenner; the National League finally wins at the All-Star Game; How far can Alex Rodriguez go?; Will the 2010 season produce baseball's first triple crown winner in 43 years?

July 19-25, 2010
MLB begins HGH testing of minor league players; Don Wakamatsu and Chone Figgins duke it out in the Seattle dugout; Don Mattingly's takes two trips to the mound in one visit; Ted Williams gives you the finger.

July 26-August 1, 2010
Ozzie Guillen claims a double standard in the treatment of Asian ballplayers vs. those of Latino descent; Miguel Batista disparages Miss Iowa; The best and worst ballpark food, according to the safety inspectors.

August 2-15, 2010
Francisco Rodriguez beats up his girlfriend's father; Alex Rodriguez hits his 600th home run; Brandon Phillips riles up the Cardinals; The Diamondbacks hit four straight home runs.

August 16-22, 2010
The Pirates make it 18 straight losing seasons; The passing of Bobby Thomson; Bryce Harper signs with the Nationals.

August 23-29, 2010
The end of the Mannywood era in Los Angeles; leaks out the truth about MLB profits in Florida and Pittsburgh; Stephen Strasburg, meet Tommy John.

August 30-September 5, 2010
Manny Ramirez apologizes for his Boston meltdown; Nyjer Morgan's bad week; The Rays continue to win, but where are their fans? Aroldis Chapman hits 104 MPH in his first week in the majors.

September 6-12, 2010
Trevor Hoffman's 600th save; A fake press release whips up a fake book by Chicago Cub GM Jim Hendry; Randy Winn's failure to reach the postseason.

September 13-19, 2010
The five worst seasons by a reigning Cy Young winner; A.J. Burnett's mysterious black eye; Joe Torre resigns from the Los Angeles Dodgers; Peter O'Malley to Frank McCourt: Sell!

September 20-26, 2010
MLB agrees to oversee the Colorado humidor; Bing Crosby's secret home video of the 1960 World Series; Overdue praise for Ron Gardenhire; the Diamondbacks strike out, again, and again, and again.

September 27-October 3, 2010
The NL 2010 All-Star rookie team; The dreaful state of the New York Mets; Tampa Bay needs eight pitchers to throw a shutout; Chan Ho Park becomes the all-time wins leader among Asian players.

October 4-10, 2010
Roy Halladay's NLDS no-hitter against Cincinnati; TGG's picks for the best and worst hitters, pitchers and teams of 2010; The year of the return of the pitcher.

October 11-17, 2010
A mass exit of managerial greats; The Texas Rangers win a postseason series for the first time ever; South Korea's ultimatum to Shin-Soo Choo.

October 18-24, 2010
Kirk Gibson auctions off his 1988 memorabilia; Bryce Harper's desert debut; What now for the dethrioned New York Yankees?

October 25-31, 2010
Notes from the 2010 World Series; Bud Selig and the players' union lobby for an expanded postseason; Yankee fans give Mrs. Cliff Lee a hard time; Armando Galarraga's citation of sanity.

November 1-7, 2010
The Giants celebrate a World Series triumph before one million fans in San Francisco; The best free agents available for 2011; The passing of Sparky Anderson.

November 8-14, 2010
Our picks for the 2010 postseason awards; Reviewing the Gold Glove selections; Baltimore fixes up an "aging" Camden Yards.

November 15-21, 2010
Reviewing the Cy Young and Manager of the Year awards; A game of halfcourt football at Wrigley Field; Drayton McLane decides to sell in Houston.

November 22-28, 2010
The Yankees and Derek Jeter get nasty over a new contract; Star players who finished their careers in unlikely places; Bryan Bullington's turning Japanese, we really think so.

November 29-December 5, 2010
Adrian Gonzalez escpaes Petco Park for Fenway; The passing of Ron Santo; John Paul Stevens rules of Babe Ruth's called shot.

December 6-12, 2010
The .196 hitter who received $10 million; Marvin Miller cries foul (again) over his latest snub from Cooperstown; Who are those three guys supposedly suggesting a new home for the Oakland A's? Luke Scott's birther annoucement.

December 13-19, 2010
The most victorious pitching foresomes in big league history; Goodbye, Bob Feller; The average major league salary tops out over $3 million.

December 20-26, 2010
The best of the Comebacker in 2010: A look at the wild and wackiest moments in baseball.

December 27, 2010-January 2, 2011
Previewing the 2011 Hall of Fame class; Oney Guillen Tweets again; Alfredo Simon goes trigger-happy on New Year's Eve.

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