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If We Picked the 2018 MLB All-Stars...
This Great Game OpinionEric and Ed wade through the field of current baseball greatness and determine their choices for this year's All-Star Game. Take a look and see if you agree.

They Were There: Dick Hyde
Dick HydeSubmarine-style reliever Dick Hyde discusses how he came to love the pitch, hate the Yankees and recall his favorite year.

Researching The Comebacker, Our Baseball Diary
The Comebacker Since 2008, we've provided a day-by-day account of everything related to Major League Baseball, and then some. Go back into recent times and relive (or learn, for the first time) baseball as it happened.

About This Great Game: How We Got From There to Here
Major League Baseball: The Twentieth Century cover The story of how This Great Game has evolved over two decades, from a modest datebook to an ambitious coffee table book to the popular web site it is today.

TGG Links: Because We Know What You'll Like
Our short list below for the most visible, valuable and curious baseball resources for fans and researchers of all ages.

The 10 Best Hitters of the 1940s
This Great Game Lists Balance between the hitter and pitcher returned to normal in the 1940s after a couple of offensively charged decades, and it allowed the true hitting stars of the time to stand out of the crowd and make an impact—often with achievements of legendary proportions. And, no—Snuffy Stirnweiss did not make this list.

A Look Back on August, 2018
this great game comebacker logoThe Month That Was in Baseball: Jose Urena’s one-pitch solution to stop Ronald Acuna Jr.; Braves broadcaster Joe Simpson marvels over 19-year-old Juan Soto’s “man-growth,” and the blogopshere (over)reacts; Bartolo Colon reaches the apex among Latino pitchers; Edwin Diaz closes in on Francisco Rodriguez. All this and much more, including our picks for Best and Worst of the Month, check it out!

The Ballparks: Globe Life Park
The Ballparks: Globe Life ParkWhen the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Arlington took in the Texas Rangers in 1972, it welcomed them to an overgrown minor league facility that did the team’s karma no good (read: no postseason) for 22 years. Then it built what’s now Globe Life Park, and the magic arrived in the form of four first-place finishes in its first six years. It’s certainly overtime fun for employees “working” in the business offices behind the center-field fence.

2017 Astronomical!
2017: Astronomical!The Houston Astros ride the long flights of record-breaking home run totals to defeat the favored Los Angeles Dodgers in an exhilarating and exhausting seven-game World Series—making good on a three-year-old prediction by Sports Illustrated magazine.

The Five Greatest Houston Astros Pitchers
Mike ScottNo one could touch Mike Scott for a time during the 1980s, but does he top this esteemed list of Astros pitching greats? Or could it be J.R. Richard, the flamethrowing artist cut down at the height of his career? Or Roy Oswalt, who tamed the hitter-friendly Minute Maid Park? Find out now!

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