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The Ballparks on This Great Game

Baseball 2017: This Great Game’s Fearless Predictions
This Great Game OpinionCan the Cubs repeat? Can the Red Sox or Indians successfully try and stop them? Will Bryce Harper or Dallas Keuchel bounce back? Will the Phillies surprise? Will the Royals collapse? We’re asking those questions and a whole lot of others—and attempt to give you, the baseball consumer, our best, educated guesses. Check it all out now!

They Were There: Alex Pitko
Alex PitkoAlex Pitko discusses his long and winding road that let him to a fleeting experience as a major league in the late 1930s.

Can the Teasers of 2016 Prove They Belong in 2017?
This Great Game OpinionA look at the best of 2016's call-ups who impressed at the end of the season, and their chances for providing an encore over 162 games in 2017.

Researching The Comebacker, Our Baseball Diary
The Comebacker Since 2008, we've provided a day-by-day account of everything related to Major League Baseball, and then some. Go back into recent times and relive (or learn, for the first time) baseball as it happened.

About This Great Game: How We Got From There to Here
Major League Baseball: The Twentieth Century cover The story of how This Great Game has evolved over two decades, from a modest datebook to an ambitious coffee table book to the popular web site it is today.

TGG Links: Because We Know What You'll Like
Our short list below for the most visible, valuable and curious baseball resources for fans and researchers of all ages.

Ten Great Baseball Talents Who Left Us Way Too Soon
This Great Game Lists As in all professions, there sadly is a mortality rate within baseball—though it is awfully small given the health and young ages of the players. And that just makes it all the more shocking when news hits of a budding star whose life is suddenly and unexpectedly snuffed out. Here's ten players that could have been among the greatest ever seen in baseball. Because of their untimely deaths, we’ll never know.

The Ballparks: Comerica Park
The Ballparks: Comerica ParkFor over 100 years, the crossroads of Cochrane and Michigan Avenues served as the cornerstone of Detroit baseball, with legendary names as Cobb, Greenberg, Kaline, McLain and Fidrych gracing famous episodes and careers upon Tiger Stadium. Now, closer to downtown, the Tigers’ new home at Comerica Park stands as a virtual modern museum for fans young and old—and a place where the ghosts of Tigers past can comfortably feel at home and watch the future take shape.

A Look Back on April
this great game comebacker logoThe Month That Was in Baseball: Madison Bumgarner goes wild with the bat on Opening Day—and wild on his dirt bike, ending the first half of his season; The Marlins plan a statue of Jose Fernandez, but should they?; So where did you come from, Eric Thames—and why are you suddenly so much better?; Anthony Rendon's "Wow" day. All this and more, including our first edition of the Best and Worst of the Month, check it out!

2016 Cubs Win! Cubs Win!
2016: Cubs Win! Cubs Win!With stout pitching, a confident batch of young hitters and a magnetic manager, it finally all comes together for the Cubs, who shred baseball’s longest-ever championship drought at the expense of the Cleveland Indians—who now own baseball's longest current World Series dry spell.

The TGG Movie Review: “Moneyball”
MoneyballSabermetrics gets the Hollywood spotlight with the help of Brad Pitt, who plays Oakland general manager Billy Beane in his trendsetting pursuit of trying to build a contender from a small budget using analytics and statistics.

The Ten Greatest Yankees Hitters
Yogi BerraWith spry baseball skills, a smile to love and a sense of humor unique and clever as it comes, the late Yogi Berra won three MVP titles in five years for the mighty Yankees—but where does he stand among the list of pinstriped legends that spans Babe Ruth to Mickey Mantle to Alex Rodriguez? Find out now!

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