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The Ballparks on This Great Game

They Were There: Eddie Robinson
Eddie Robinson Eddie Robinson looks back on a long life spent in baseball, whether it was in the majors, the Navy, the front office or the scouting trail.

Ninety Years of Teaching, Learning and Leading
This Great Game Opinion This Great Game’s Ed Attanasio looks back at the life of his father and how he taught his children life’s rules through the prism of baseball.

Researching The Comebacker, Our Baseball Diary
The Comebacker Since 2008, we've provided a day-by-day account of everything related to Major League Baseball, and then some. Go back into recent times and relive (or learn, for the first time) baseball as it happened.

About This Great Game: How We Got From There to Here
Major League Baseball: The Twentieth Century cover The story of how This Great Game has evolved over two decades, from a modest datebook to an ambitious coffee table book to the popular web site it is today.

TGG Links: Because We Know What You'll Like
Our short list below for the most visible, valuable and curious baseball resources for fans and researchers of all ages.

A Look Back at March, 2020
The ComebackerThe Month That Was in Baseball: From normalcy to viral insanity: The monthly timeline of how baseball—and the country—slowly shut down; As medical facilities get overstressed by the virus, is Tommy John surgery “essential?”; Farewell, Jim Wynn, Bill Bartholomay and Ted Cox.

The Ballparks: Minute Maid Park
The Ballparks: Minute Maid Park, HoustonSome people thought the Houston Astros were taking a chance moving back to the outdoors. They remember the mosquitoes—big, nasty, hungry critters—that preyed on spectators when the franchise first began business 40 years earlier. In lieu of the world’s largest patio netting, the Astros have chosen instead to construct a retractable roof at Minute Maid Park to keep the bugs—to say nothing of the sweltering summer heat—outside.

Bad, Astros, Bad!
This Great Game OpinionThe Houston Astros’ toxic front-office culture finally got the best of them, but one significant figure seems to have escaped baseball’s guillotine.

2019 The Pill of Might
2019: The Pill of MightHome run records fall like dominoes as skeptical fans, angry pitchers and an oblivious MLB grapple over if a juiced ball is to blame. While Baltimore bares the brunt of the home run barrage in the worst of ways, the Washington Nationals rev up 40 miles down the Beltway and deliver a stunning postseason effort.

The 2010s, Revisited:

The 10 Greatest Games of the 2010s
This Great Game ListsThere was plenty of variety to be found when sifting back through the 2,500-plus major league games that took place in the 2010s. One could find unbelievable finishes, heartbreak, irony and just flat-out great performances. All of those angles are covered here on this list.

The 2010s: Ranking MLB Teams, From Worst to First
This Great Game ListsIn a decade in which the fortunes of MLB teams swung wildly like an out-of-control pendulum—thanks in great part to the concept of tanking—here’s our breakdown of each ballclub, from the #30 spot to Number One.

The Wildest Wild Pitches of the 2010s
This Great Game OpinionSeriously—did that really happen? A look back at some of the craziest things that took place in the baseball world during this past decade. It’s wildest of the wild, the oddest of the odd, the most ironic and OMG-worthy—all for your amusement.

The 10 Best Pitchers of the 2010s
This Great Game ListsWas the 2010s a time for the trumpet to cry Taps for the starting pitcher? As the concept of the traditional rotation continued to trend toward possible obsolescence, these 10 aces delivered with old-time magic from the mound.

The 10 Best Hitters of the 2010s
This Great Game ListsAfter several decades in which baseball’s top players were soaked in scandal and screw-you attitudes, we finally come to the 2010s and a refreshing change of pace. A kinder, gentler culture prevailed in major league clubhouses, with players keeping team chemistry upbeat while stiff-arming the chemistry of steroids; with one notable exception, this list is a solid reflection of that mindset.

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