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The First Pitch

It’s vacation time for TGG through Sunday, May 9, so in lieu of our usual First Pitch rundown such as the Day That Was, the “On This Date” recollections and birthday greetings to baseball royalty past and present, we’ve selected some of the more popular and currently relevant pages among the 700 on our site, listed below. We will remain active on our Twitter and Facebook feeds while we’re out. Otherwise, dig into the site and enjoy!

The Yearly Reader—1968: The Year of the Pitcher

Hitting began drying up during the 1960s, and it all hit an apex—or nadir, depending on your point of view—in 1968 when the pitchers thoroughly dominated like never before or since. That memorable season could meet its match in what we’re seeing so far in 2021.

The Ballparks: Dodger Stadium

Is it old-fashioned, modern, retro or dated? The beauty about Dodger Stadium as that it almost defies description or labeling. It just…is. And it’s a wonderful place to watch baseball, with an intriguing backstory that at times wasn’t so wonderful.

Opinion: Let’s Abolish Baseball’s Automatic Gift Runner on Second Base

Just posted, we let out all our feelings on baseball’s silliest rule since…well, ever—and some alternative ideas for those who just can’t stand the marathon game.

The Lists: Baseball’s 10 Most Famous Celebrity Wives

A huge hit of late, as we reveal the 10 women who were as well known as the baseball players they married.

The Comebacker: April 2021

We’ll have our review of all that happened in baseball over the past month—including our first roundup of the Best and Worst Hitters, Pitchers and Teams for each league—up and running at the conclusion of April, give or take a day.

The TGG Interview: Dick Williams

We chatted with the winning manager of the Red Sox, A’s, Expos and Padres before his passing in 2011.

The Teams: The San Francisco Giants

One of 2021’s biggest surprises thus far, check out the team history of the Giants at a glance, with links to the franchise’s rich rundowns of the best hitters, pitchers, and most memorable games.

Leaders + Awards: Pick a Year

Go the Yearly Reader section, pick a decade and a year and then hit the link below the title which will take you to our recently completed section in which we reveal the 10 best hitters and pitchers from each league for each year since 1900—with brief curios of each player honored, as well as a listing of awards and honors from that season.

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