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This Great Game Comebacker Archive: 2019

This Great Game ComebackerA monthly look back at the baseball stories that made the news—or perhaps slipped through the media’s cracks and didn’t quite earn the attention we thought it would warrant.

January 2019

Mariano Rivera gets 100% of the HOF vote with the help of a little arm-twisting; Will anyone sign any top free agents?; The Rays go cash-free at the Trop.

February 2019

MLB starts the pitch clock at spring training; Bruce Bochy declares 2019 as his coda; a final farewell to Frank Robinson, Don Newcombe and Bob Friend.

March 2019

Baseball’s new trend: The extension, including a record $432 million deal for Mike Trout; The Blue Jays give their minor leaguers a big pay raise—will the other 29 teams follow suit?

April 2019

Home runs are flying out of the park at a record rate, again; Albert Pujols moves into third place on the all-time RBI list—or is it really fifth place? Did MLB disresepct Jackie Robinson on Jackie Robinson Day?

May 2019

Monthly records are set for home runs and strikeouts (soon to be broken again, we’re sure); Bill Buckner succumbs to dementia; Is it time for MLB to extend the protective netting even further?; Edwin Jackson signs on to his record 14th team.

June 2019

The bizarre plot to kill David Ortiz—or someone who looks like him; London and Omaha get their major league baptisms; Do the Rays really want to split their season between Tampa Bay and Montreal?

July 2019

The shocking, sudden death of Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs; Why does MLB give teams a day off on the Fourth of July? Jake Marisnick forgets about the Buster Posey rule.

August 2019

Another record home run binge produces eye-popping records; The Astros ban Justin Verlander’s least favorite beat writer; Stop this “mercy rule” talk.

September 2019

A rousing finish to the Year of the Home Run; Parity? What parity?; The end of the line for Bruce Bochy, Ned Yost and Globe Life Park.

October 2019

Often from behind, the Nationals win it all for the first time ever; Houston, we have a front-office problem; When will the Twins ever win in October?

November 2019

Did the Astros cheat their way to success?; Nail-biting results with few shoo-ins at the MLB postseason awards; The lady is a coach.

December 2019

Teams open their checkbooks back up after two quiet offseasons of free agency; Marvin Miller finally gets into Cooperstown; MLB’s controversial plan to eliminate 42 minor league teams.

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