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This Great Game Comebacker Archive: 2020

This Great Game ComebackerA monthly look back at the baseball stories that made the news—or perhaps slipped through the media’s cracks and didn’t quite earn the attention we thought it would warrant.

January 2020

MLB lays down the law on the Astros’ cheating scandal; Derek Jeter and Larry Walker gain entrance into Cooperstown; Good bye, Goony Bird.

February 2020

MLB proposes a new “pick ’em” playoff format worthy of middle school P.E.; Minor leaguers get a pay bump—but will it still be enough; Sad goodbyes to Tony Fernandez and Johnny Antonelli.

March 2020

COVID-19 hits the world hard and brings baseball to a halt; As medical facilities get overstressed by the virus, is Tommy John surgery “essential?”; Farewell, Jim Wynn.

April 2020

The first April without baseball since 1883, thanks to COVID-19—but when will the games resume?; From Al Kaline to Steve Dalkowski, too many people pass away; The Red Sox get light punishment on sign-stealing.

May 2020

Owners and players haggle over how the 2020 season—if there is one—will proceed; They’re playing ball in Korea; Armando Galarraga wants to rewrite history and get credit for a perfecto.

June 2020

Sixty games are better than none, as owners and players agree on a 2020 schedule; The George Floyd effect on baseball; What’s happened to Andrew Toles?

July 2020

The 2020 regular season finally gets underway—but the virus threatens to get the last say as the Marlins and Phillies are shuttered shortly after Opening Day; The Blue Jays’ elusive search for a temporary home park.

August 2020

The hip Padres have a slammin’ good time; Let’s play two—but it’s gotta be seven-inning games; What did you just say, Thom Brennaman?

September 2020

Against some pretty tough odds, MLB gets through its planned 60-game regular season; Sad goodbyes to Tom Seaver and Lou Brock.

October 2020

The Dodgers survive October Madness to win their first title since 1988; Where did Randy Arozarena come from?; Death 2020 continues to take no holiday as we mourn Joe Morgan, Bob Gibson and Whitey Ford.

November 2020

Kim Ng becomes baseball’s first female general manager; the 2020 awards are given out, with few surprises; Tony La Russa returns to the White Sox, over 40 years after being hired there the first time.

December 2020

The Negro Leagues get major league respect; the minor leagues are meanwhile forced into contraction; Cleveland says it out loud, announcing a coming name change; farewell to Dick Allen and Phil Niekro.

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