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This Great Game Comebacker Archive: 2021

This Great Game ComebackerA monthly look back at the baseball stories that made the news—or perhaps slipped through the media’s cracks and didn’t quite earn the attention we thought it would warrant.

January 2021

A rough month for the Hall of Fame—losing three icons while gaining no new members in the general vote; A disrespected Nolan Arenado is sent packing from the Rockies to St. Louis.

February 2021

Spring Training shows signs of normalcy returning; Trevor Bauer’s short, rich and just plain weird contract with the Dodgers; Mariners President Kevin Mather shows once again why no baseball exec should ever talk candidly to a local group.

March 2021

The slow, steady progress back toward full ballparks; MLB’s funky new list of experimental rules for the minors; Spring Trained—who’s ready, and who’s not, for the 2021 season.

April 2021

Has 1968’s “Year of the Pitcher” finally met its match in the 2021 season?; Joe Musgrove gives the Padres—at long last—their first no-hitter; MLB moves the All-Star Game from Atlanta.

May 2021

No-No times four: The no-hitter epidemic continues; Joe West surpasses Bill Klem; MLB brings on its 20,000th player, and scores its 2,000,000th run; Albert Pujols switches address in Los Angeles.

June 2021

Spider Tack be gone—MLB cracks down on pitchers using illegal substances; Just when DBacks fans think it can’t get worse, it does; Kyle Schwarber is not your average leadoff hitter.

July 2021

The Nationals and Cubs trade everyone; Cleveland’s new nickname; Dread, white and blue: those awful All-Star Game uniforms; Joey Votto’s power resurgence.

August 2021

The Orioles’ lastest long, losing streak is nearly a record-breaker; Miguel Cabrera’s 500th home run; The Mets dare to take on Mets fans.

September 2021

The Cardinals win 17 straight and swoop to the wild card; Ryan Braun steps down, leaving a tarnished legacy; Kevin Kiermaier and the case of the missing cheat sheet.

October 2021

The Giants and Dodgers end an historic regular season and burn each other out in the postseason; Grand slams dominate the playoffs; R.I.P. Ray Fosse, Jerry Remy and Eddie Robinson.

November 2021

The underdog Braves triumphantly finishes off a world title; free agent activity ramps up in advance of a likely lockout; Buster Posey steps down.

December 2021

Owners lock out the players in (technically) the first work stoppage since 1995; The Hall of Fame welcomes in many new “very good” members; Was MLB using the 2019 ball selectively in 2021—and if so, why?

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